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Agenda 2015

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AJL RAS Cataloging Committee Meeting, 50th AJL Conference, Silver Spring, MD
Sunday June 21, 2015, 5:00-6:00 (Cedar)


1. Welcome and introductions; approve 2014 Minutes; updates on old business [Cataloguing dual language
(Hebrew + English) publications according to RDA; modifications of Romanization practices and rules] (Heidi
Lerner … [et al.], 15 min.)

2. Updating "Hebraica Cataloging RDA: a Guide ..." (Heidi Lerner, 10 min.)

3. Library operations post-OCLC Institutional Records (Rachel Simon, 5 min.)

4. Recording the Hebrew date in the Romanized 264 field in cases where the regular date also appears (Yossi
Galron, 5 min.) 

5. Non-roman numerals in script fields (Sharon Benamou, 5 min.)

6. Other business, questions (10 minutes)

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