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Agenda 2014

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AJL RAS Cataloging Committee Meeting, 49th AJL Conference Las Vegas, NV
Tuesday June 24, 2014, 4:00-5:30 (Palo Verdi B)

1. Welcome and introductions; updates on old business [transcribing Hebrew dates in a parallel Hebrew script field; terms of honor; e-forum; update on religion/genre project; BIBCO Funnel]; approve 2013 Minutes (Heidi Lerner … [et al.], 15 min.)

2. Cataloging dual language (Hebrew + English) publications according to RDA standards (Marina Goldsmith, 10 minutes)

3. Discussion of modification of Romanization practices and rules (Heidi Lerner proxying for Aaron Kuperman, 10 min.)

4. Presentation of “Draft, June 2014: Hebraica Cataloging RDA: a Guide to ALA/LC Romanization and Descriptive Cataloging" (Joan Biella, Heidi Lerner 10 minutes)
5.  Other business, questions (10 minutes)

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