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Changed Even-Shoshan romanizations

Page history last edited by Jasmin Shinohara 1 year, 2 months ago


List of New Hebrew Romanizations

To Be Implemented by LC, Jan. 2008

(posted by Joan Biella, Jan. 11, 2008; ed. J. Shinohara, Jan. 2, 2020)



1997 2003 Old in LCDB
admur admor 321
aḥaraʽi aḥraʽi  
aḥaṿah aḥṿah  
be-ʻe. m. be-ʻam
bi-levad bilvad  
gaʽguʽa gaʽaguʽa 5
gaʽguʽim gaʽaguʽim 28
gayi/Gayi gai/Gai  
haʻtaḳah haʻataḳah  
hoʻtaḳ/huʻataḳ hoʻotaḳ  
hotsa'ah le-or hotsa'ah la-or  
kefari kafri 11
kefarit kafrit 8
kefariyim kafriyim 4
le-gabe legabe   
maʽlah maʽalah  
maʽgal maʽagal 106
maʽgalim maʽagalim 16
maʽgalot maʽagalot 3
maʽgele maʽagle 70
maʽyan maʽayan 197
maʽyanot maʽayanot 12
maaloet maḥloet  
maashavah mashavah 336
maashevet mashevet 190
maashavot mashavot 77
maazi mazi  
maazor mazor  309 
maḥazorim mazorim 11
nehag nahag
neḥelaḳ neḥlaḳ  
optsyah optsiyah 9
optsyot optsiyot 3
piʽnua piʽanua 15
raʽyon raʽayon 347
raʽyonot raʽayonot 274
sh. u-t. shut  
Tsarefat Tsarfat  
yarid (somekh form) yerid (somekh and nismakh forms)



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