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Agenda 2012

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AJL RAS Cataloging Committee Meeting Agenda, AJL Convention, Pasadena, CA

June 17, 2012


1. Approve 2011 Minutes; designate minute-taker (5 minutes)


2. Mystery of Shoshanat Yisrael (Joan) (Prework: shoshanatyisrael.doc)


3. Action, if any, to be taken regarding Nusah Sefarad (Prework: NusahSefarad.doc)


4. Religion Genre/Form Headings Update (Prework: LC_Religion_Genre_second_draft_March_2012.pdf JudGFMin6June11.doc, JudGFMin29Aug11.doc)


5. Syriac (Joan)


6. Follow-Up to Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World.  Incorporation of Encyclopedia into LCPS Regarding Headings for Names in the Hebrew Alphabet (Joan) (Prework: LCPS92253rev.doc)


7. Raising AJL Concerns Regarding RDA (Joan)


8. Cataloging Committee business: new chairperson, new members, etc. (Daniel)


9. Other??


Agenda submitted by Aaron Taub to the Heb-NACO listserv, June 13, 2012



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