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Agenda 2022 Winter

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AJL RAS Cataloging Committee Virtual Midyear Meeting

10 Feb. 2022, 11:30am-1pm EST (8:30 PST, 5:30pm CET, 6:30pm IST) | Zoom


Old Business


  1. Welcome, designate notetaker (Neil, 3 min)
  2. Approve minutes from Summer 2021 AJL RAS Cataloging Committee meeting (Neil, 2 min)


Continuing/New Business


  1. New RDA Toolkit's Community Resources section and the Judaica/Hebraica community (Ahava)
  2. Inclusion of patronymic in NARs regardless of the placement of the patronymic element (Jasmin, Neil)
  3. What constitutes "Sacred Works?" Should we have a list of such works (Robert). Ahava has a list from NLI, which she will post to Heb-NACO for contributions and comments
  4. Update on BM201-449 class schedule expansion (Haim, Marlene, Gabe)
  5. Cancellation of Marranos as a subject heading (Nahid, Haim)
  6. Feedback on the Cataloging Forum (Neil and all)
  7. Romanization: updates on Dicta automation and other projects (Ahava and others)
  8. Helping libraries that have a Hebraica/Judaica collection but no cataloger (Haim)

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